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Anand Patel

Anand is a doctor, presenter and writer. Most well known for being the resident doc on Gone Fishing with the utterly delightful Bob Mortimer and Paul Whitehouse, who disprove the old adage to never meet your heroes. He is one of the leads on the reboot of BAFTA-winning Embarrassing Bodies and most recently, he was the presenter on the very well-received C4 show Celebrity Save Our Sperm, with Russell Kane and Ollie Locke, highlighting the precipitous decline in male fertility over the past five decades.

A doctor for 24 years, Anand is triple accredited in general medicine, general practice and was the first in the UK to become a fellow of the European Committee for Sexual Medicine.

Having taken a detour from hospital medicine to teach Biology and PSHE at Brighton College, he gained a degree in medical education and now trains doctors to  become GPs whilst speaking internationally on Men’s Health and Fertility. He is a GP in South London where he is a partner, educational lead and clinical director. Anandworks with the Centre for Men’s Health on Harley Street where he specialises in sexual function and testosterone deficiency and runs a male pre-conception fertility clinic with the ‘King of Balls’ Mr Jonathan Ramsey.

Anand co-hosts The Pleasure Podcast with Naomi Sheldon discussing sex and relationships with notable guests such as Emma Thompson, Susan Wokoma  and Sara Pascoe.