Sarah Bentley

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Sarah Bentley

Sarah is the founder of Made In Hackney, the pioneering London based vegan community cookery school and charity that has inspired and upskilled over half a million people to grow, cook and eat more plants.

She is an advocate for making healthy, affordable, planet friendly, compassionate food accessible to all – and along with the MIH community speaks passionately about the complex issues surrounding today’s broken food system.

Made In Hackney’s multicultural, inclusive and well informed approach made them the first vegan collective to work with schools, nurseries, Public Health and the NHS. In 2023 they won an award for Inclusion at the Faith & Community awards and she has been nominated for founder of the year at the 2024 Vegan Women’s Summit.

During the COVID19 crisis the cookery school was one of the first emergency food response services to launch in the country, delivering food to 500 households a day. Over three years they provided 240,000 free plant-based meals.

She is a former youth culture and underground music journalist with work published in The Face, I-D, The Fader (USA), and later reported on environment and social justice issues for The Ecologist, The Times, Esquire and broadcasts for the BBC World Service.

She is a qualified organic gardener and permaculture designer, wedding celebrant and speaker. When not working she loves to grow food, surf and go on adventures with her neurodiverse son.